Promoting your services on fintechfolk

You are very welcome to promote your fintech services to our community of engaged and passionate fintech professionals and investors. Recruiters, digital agencies, software suppliers, hosting suppliers and consultancies are all welcome.

To keep the community at a very high quality threshold there is a small charge for service provider membership.


  1. Post all your recruitment advertising in the #talent channel
  2. Post all advertising in the #shameless_plug channel
  3. Post all event marketing in the #events channel
  4.  You have full access to all other channels, including direct messaging but your communications must not include advertising or marketing in these channels - however these channels are very powerful for building up your profile in the community.

There is no limit to the number of posts you make during your membership, however, please refrain from spamming the community.


  1. Starter: 1 month membership for $20
  2. Business: 3 month membership for $50
  3. Professional: 6 month membership for $90
  4. Awesome: 12 month membership for $150
  5. Lifetime - forever membership for $200

We will contact you towards the end of your subscription period to see if you would like to renew - we do not auto-renew.

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We want you to get the most out of your interactions with the fintechfolk community, however there are a few policies you should be aware of:

  • If you are unsure of anything please contact the moderator when in the forum or contact us
  • All purchases are non-refundable
  • fintechfolk makes no guarantees about the service
  • It is your responsibility to ensure that advertisements and materials comply with all applicable laws and regulations
  • You are prohibited from posting any products or services that are in violation of Trade Policies, Counterfeit Goods, Hazardous Products or Services, Products or Services that facilitate illegal, fraudulent or misleading behaviour, promotion of a single security or other tradable financial asset, obscene, offensive or inappropriate content and deceptive, untrue or misleading advertising
  • We reserve the right to amend this policy at any time without notice and to modify, reject, or remove advertisements, including advertisements not explicitly prohibited by this policy at our sole discretion.
  • At its sole discretion, fintechfolk will determine the consequences for a violation of the Policy or of the rejection of any submitted content. Consequences may include disapproval or a post, restriction of an account, temporary or full suspension.  We will always reach out to you to discuss any issues before implementing any restrictions. There will be no refunds.